What to Expect on Your First Appointment

During the initial assessment, your physiotherapist will review your health history and discuss with you in detail, the information related to your complaint or injury.  After explaining the assessment process, the physiotherapist will obtain your informed consent to assess and treat you.  Please allow approximately 60 minutes for your first visit.

The goals of the assessment are to:
– Determine the source of your pain/complaint.
– Determine the structures that are contributing to that pain/complaint.
– Make a diagnosis which will guide your treatment plan.
– Discuss with you a reasonable treatment plan based on the findings/goals of the assessment & your goals & expectations.

If you are comfortable with the treatment plan, we will continue with your initial treatment which will be focused on reducing your symptoms and moving you towards recovery. Your treatment will likely include hands on manual therapy, education, some home exercises, electrical modalities such as ultrasound or interferential. All techniques will be discussed first and your consent obtained.

Comfortable Clothing
We encourage you to bring comfortable clothing (tank top and shorts are recommended, we can provide these if needed).

Doctor’s Referral and/or Diagnostic Reports
If you received a doctor’s referral for physiotherapy, please bring the referral script. It can be helpful to provide your therapist with any diagnostic reports related to your condition or injury (X-ray, MRI, CT scan, etc.).  You can also sign a release of information consent form and we can request the reports directly from your doctor if necessary.